Cross Industry Search

Cross Industry Search: BIC’s clients benefit from unparalleled access to information and knowledge that can accelerate decision-making to achieve results and enhance your competitive edge. BIC’s global research team leaves no stone unturned to discover ideas and applied learning from a wide range of industries across the globe.

How do we find creative and feasible ideas and applied learning?

1. Active Search

BIC’s global research team conducts an active search for ideas and applied learning that is wide-ranging across relevant industries and across the globe. The search begins with on-line data bases and sources . Then it is enhanced by telephone research and even in-person visits if needed. Click here to read more

2. Feasibility Assessment

We determine if ideas and applied learnings are game-changing and feasible using BIC’s proven framework that addresses competitive impact, complexity, time to market, and access. Click here to read more

3. Database

BIC’s database allows us to accumulate knowledge that continuously raises the bar to rate a seed idea, technology, or applied learning to the level of a gem. Click here to read more