Opportunity Characterization

There are many well-publicized stories about the rare inventor who, in moment of inspiration, conceives of a brilliant idea that will change the world.

The Seeds of Product Opportunity

Application of developed technologies from one industry to another is a powerful way to accelerate product development efforts – while reducing cost and risk.

Technology Convergence Satisfies Rising Product Expectations

Many companies are caught between rising functional expectations and increasing value expectations for products and services.

A Secret to Successful Innovation

Innovation that integrates internal functions and adds external know-how.

Profit From Innovation

How can your company increase the profits derived from innovation programs?

Product Management's Role in Mending the Innovation Gap

Product managers are on the front line when it comes to innovation. Their decisions and influence play a pivotal role in determining whether or not ...

A More Effective Path to Successful New Products

Businesses that do a better job on the front-end have the quickest, most cost-effective, and consistently successful product development track records.

Mending the Innovation Disconnect

Regardless of the state of the economy, companies demand results from their investments in innovation.

Grounding Ideation in Technical Realities Produces Better Results

Ideation can achieve higher value when sessions are focused around specific seed technologies that form the basis of enduring technology and product platforms.

Generating BIG HITS with a Skinny Wallet

Chief Marketing Officers, Product Development Leaders, Innovation Specialists, Scientists, Engineers, and those charged with research and development all...

Four Traps that Hinder Breakthrough Products

It is no secret that breakthrough products sell big. Sales of breakthrough products within any given category typically dwarf line extensions or incremental innovation.

Exceeding Your Customer's Rising Expectations

Consumer expectations continue to rise. The demand for products that perform multiple functions makes those that provide only singular needs now seem ordinary and uninspiring.

Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

How to Develop New Products While Saving Time and Money.

Women Drive New Product Innovations

Firms that understand how women influence purchasing decisions can introduce successful products that speak directly to unique needs.

The Silver Tsunami

A massive shift is occurring. Baby Boomers entering retirement represent the leading edge of an impending “Silver Tsunami” - whose effect on healthcare and consumer products will be profound.

Structured Approach to Identifying New Opportunities

Making good decisions when selecting new white space or adjacent opportunities is one of the more critical decisions a business can make.

Opportunity Identification - Part 2

Successful Screening and Selection.

Opportunity Identification - Part 1

Product Categories and Market Segments

Identifying Growth Opportunities that Transcend Uncertainty

We probably don’t need Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to confirm what we already know - we mortals cannot predict with certainty what will occur one instant into the future

Five Principles that Motivate Boomer Need

The Baby Boomers are too large a population segment for businesses to ignore. As they age, their needs will drive changes in current business, products, and services.

Lessons From Savvy Corporate Investors

It is an unfortunate fact that two-thirds of mergers and acquisitions across all industries fail to achieve their anticipated results.

The Right Innovation Investments for Tough Economic Times

Most will agree that an economic downturn can be an opportunity, if you continue innovate as your competitors retreat.