Opportunity Characterization

There are many well-publicized stories about the rare inventor who, in moment of inspiration, conceives of a brilliant idea that will change the world.

Women Drive New Product Innovations

Firms that understand how women influence purchasing decisions can introduce successful products that speak directly to unique needs.

The Silver Tsunami

A massive shift is occurring. Baby Boomers entering retirement represent the leading edge of an impending “Silver Tsunami” - whose effect on healthcare and consumer products will be profound.

Structured Approach to Identifying New Opportunities

Making good decisions when selecting new white space or adjacent opportunities is one of the more critical decisions a business can make.

Opportunity Identification - Part 2

Successful Screening and Selection.

Opportunity Identification - Part 1

Product Categories and Market Segments

Identifying Growth Opportunities that Transcend Uncertainty

We probably don’t need Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to confirm what we already know - we mortals cannot predict with certainty what will occur one instant into the future

Five Principles that Motivate Boomer Need

The Baby Boomers are too large a population segment for businesses to ignore. As they age, their needs will drive changes in current business, products, and services.