BIC’s Unique Process for Technology & Product Innovation

BIC’s Unique Process for Technology & Product Innovation. Combining the power of both market driven and technology driven innovation.

Understand customer needs

and wants

Start With What We Know

We use our client’s data and knowledge plus BIC’s secondary market research as a starting point.

Add Original Research

We gather industry benchmarks and expert opinion from all possible sources. We conduct original market research as needed.

Analyze the Consumer Trends

Extensive consumer trend analysis by determining key success factors in your category, as well as similar categories.

to direct an active search for

novel technology solutions

Active Technology Search

We meticulously conduct a 360 degree technology search and profile those that achieve our success criteria

Technology Assessment

We determine if technologies are attractive using BIC’s proven framework that addresses competitive impact, complexity, time to market, and access.

Data Base For Knowledge Mining

BIC’s data base allows us to accumulate knowledge that continuously raises the bar to rate a seed technology as a gem.



Market Success

Meets or exceeds customer needs because BIC looks beyond present needs based on trends and key success factors.

Technical Feasibility

We seek to assure viability in the real world because product concepts are based on assessed seed technologies, which we call gems.

Innovation Success

BIC’s approach for Innovative product success integrates feasible technologies that meet or exceed real consumer needs.